This week we ran an experiment to see what happens when we have all (or most) students on campus for in-person lessons on the same day. We feel the experiment was a success, and hope to offer more days with the same program in the near future. We will continue to keep you informed of any changes with the HDLP here in the KAIS News. In the meantime, students who want to learn from campus are invited to do so any day of the week, even on their “digital days.”

In other big news this week, our science teacher is in the country! Jackson has been teaching remotely from the UK since the start of the year, but on Saturday, he was finally granted access to land in Japan. He will still teach remotely for another week, as he is undergoing the government-mandated two-week self-quarantine. We are thrilled to have Jackson here, and cannot wait for him to join us in person!

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