Dear KAIS Community,

I hope all of you are well. Our COVID Action Team met throughout the week to assess the recent data and determine what our response should be. After deliberating late into the evening last night, we have decided to change operational procedures at the high school for the remainder of January. From Tuesday, January 12th we will enact the hybrid schedule that was in place to start the school year. This decision is set to be reassessed after final exams. A reassessment may be necessary before that point. Over the weekend, parents and students will receive a detailed schedule that covers in-person days and digital days for students to attend. As always, the digital option remains for students who would prefer to study from home on in-person days. Space will also be provided for students who prefer to study at KAIS for their online sessions.

We will still hold our internal VEX Robotics Tournament on Monday, which is a national holiday. We will live stream this event, and urge all family members who wish to spectate the competition to do so from home.

These are trying times, and Tokyo just experienced its worst week to date in terms of infections since the pandemic began. The silver lining in this is that as a school, we are more informed about how to keep each other safe and that there is an end to this whole situation within sight. Let’s remain vigilant, and have a healthy, safe long weekend.

All the best,


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