[ *Breathe In* ] Our community day to breathe and recalibrate last Wednesday was beautiful, to say the least. The students learned about connecting to themselves by simply breathing consciously. Sara Clark, an intentional yoga and meditation specialist, guided the students through genuine sharing and journaling that allowed everyone to look within themselves and understand what thoughts were hurting them and nourish the thoughts that brought them growth and joy. Here is some of the feedback from the students on the impact of the session…

“My biggest takeaway is that stopping and listening to my thoughts is the best way to know what I need to do to solve any existing problems. I think the entire session was a good way to calm down and process anything troubling me in the past few months.”

“I learned how important breath is, and the garden in my mind. I have been trying to read books and watch videos about mindfulness and spirituality, but it was great to hear it from an actual person and understand and experience it for myself instead of just reading or watching it.

“My biggest takeaway was that though there are many things in life we cannot control, breathing is one we can, and happens to be really good for regulating one’s body and life.”

“I think my biggest takeaway is what I wrote in my letter to my future self. While I don’t feel comfortable with what I wrote, I was able to really think about who I am and who I want to become. I have never taken the time to do this kind of thinking so it was super helpful!”

“My biggest takeaway was definitely the mind garden. I will use it to help me sit down and organize my thoughts, and overall improve my mental space. I thought the session was very needed and was a good time to reflect on myself.”

“It feels very nice to have this lesson because nobody in real life really cares about the way they breathe. It is a thing that’s so small that almost everyone ignores how much impact it can have and how helpful it will be to focus on their breath and take a pause on life.”

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