It was amazing to see the students give their all at our first KAIS Runathon yesterday. We were a bit nervous about the weather but the rain held off enough to see Llamas do what they do best…run (ummm…maybe that’s only the KAIS breed of llama?). The 6km race was a particularly big challenge and the 6 students (and Tommy) hit it out of the park with an average time of 33 minutes! The average for the 4km run was 25 minutes and the 2km average was 14 minutes! Awesome times and great job to everyone. The surprise Spikeball activity led by Roundnet Shonan seemed to be a hit with the kids and it was great to see their enthusiasm even after the run. A  special thanks to the parents that came to support and to everyone that didn’t run but helped make the event an all-around great end to the academic year. Hip hip HOORAY!!!

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