This week marks the official launch of the Above the Waves app at KAIS. All students should have received a welcome email on Wednesday morning explaining how to download the app to their phones. If any student has not done so, please go and check your email inbox and follow the directions. Waves is a simple and secure mobile app that will provide our students with streamlined access to our school counselor, local mental health resources, and 24/7 crisis-support services. Students will be able to reach out to Ansophie by sending her a direct message through the Waves app. Ansophie can also schedule sessions with students and offer support, even when she is not in the same building or on the same campus. Above the Waves is also HIPAA and FERPA compliant. If there are any issues with the app or the installation of the app, or if your son or daughter is unable to find the email with download instructions, please feel free to reach out to Ansophie at any time. We are extremely excited to utilize this platform to support our students with their mental health needs.

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