On Friday, October 2nd the KAIS Board met to discuss the possibility of offering more in-person learning at KAIS. We have decided to loosen mandates on coming into school for our students. We have adjusted the schedule to make space for students who would prefer to engage in their digital lessons from KAIS. These lessons will still be held online, and students will learn from a proctored room at KAIS. Students who come to campus on their digital days will go through morning protocol and report to the Social Studies Room (9th and 11th grades) or Science Lab (10th and 12th grades). From Thursday, October 15th we will experiment with having all students on campus at the same time for in-person lessons. We will continue to consider unrolling more full days with all students on campus as we monitor the situation. The digital option will remain on the table for all classes for students who feel safer learning from home. We are excited about our school moving in this direction, and will continue to keep you informed of any changes to operations at KAIS. Thank you for your continued support!

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