We are all on this journey called life. No matter what stage of it we’re on, we can all learn from each other. This week saw the powerful start of the KAIS Guest Inspiration Series in our Fitness classes. We’re privileged and excited to have some amazing human beings share their wisdom with the KAIS High School Community over the next few weeks. The aim is to encourage all students to become fitness ambassadors who influence others through their command of health and wellness to achieve success in life.
Sara Clark, international yoga and meditation instructor, kicked things off with a session on the power of the breath for our 12th-graders. The students really leaned into the class, as Sara guided them in honest sharing. She also taught breathing techniques to reduce stress and anxiety and restore equilibrium in the mind and body. We can’t wait to share the call with the rest of the student body at the end of the series.

Look out for more reports on these exciting sessions in the weeks to come. Be humble. Be generous. Be curious. Be inspired.

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