As many of you already know, yesterday the Japanese government announced a level-4 alert over the COVID-19 crisis. This most severe threat level was declared in response to a recent surge in cases in Tokyo and around Japan. The KAIS COVID Action Committee met earlier today to discuss how this will affect operations for both campuses. While we will continue monitoring the situation and are prepared to respond by returning to a digitally-favored hybrid or fully digital class schedule, we have not determined it is necessary to move in that direction at the moment. It is possible we will make that determination during Thanksgiving Break, in which case you will be notified. The option to attend all academic classes digitally is available for any individual student who deems it necessary to opt-out of on-campus learning. As cases are predicted to continue to rise over the weekend, we want to urge everyone in our community to remain vigilant and continue to make decisions with your family and our community’s health and safety in mind. Thank you for your consistent support and cooperation.

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