With Winter Break on the horizon, we feel it is prudent to once again communicate the revised re-entry process during the pandemic as defined by the Ministry of Foreign Affairs. These constraints have impacts that should be considered if you are planning to travel abroad. The conditions are as follows:
1. Ensure you receive a valid PCR certificate with a negative result from the visiting country within 72 hours of returning to Japan.
2. Conduct a PCR test and await results upon arrival in Japan at the airport.
3. Upload COCOA tracking App onto your phone.
4. Arrange private or Covid-secure mode of transport from the airport to your residence. Public transportation is strictly prohibited.
5. Quarantine for 14 days at home and report daily during this period to the Ministry of Health, Labor, and Welfare.
The above conditions outlined by the Japanese Government are mandatory requirements for traveling abroad. While we understand that the need to travel abroad during this time may be unavoidable for some individuals, please understand that we expect that all members of the KAIS Community to act in accordance with these new processes. We also ask that you make our front office aware of any international travel prior to departure. Thank you all for your cooperation.

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