This week we had two new sessions led by two incredible individuals in Coach Allan’s Fitness & Wellness class.
Last Wednesday (December 2nd), 21-year old Brandon Wooding, a World Scholarship winner, University College London sophomore, and Trinidad National Scrabble Champion chatted with the 10th grade about balancing school life and fitness during the pandemic. Being from the same generation as the students, he was able to relate with them on an impactful level. He called for them to focus on their goals and ensure that they take time for self-care.
Then on Friday the 4th, Tabasa Tabuchi, Munich-based Japan-born yogi, Lululemon community builder, and new mother spent some time journaling with the 10th grade students. She focused on helping them chase curiosity and delve deeper into finding their true passions. Last month’s KAIS Fitness Ambassador wrote of the session, “Curiosity is something that can drive me forward and inspire me to learn more or become better, and after this, I feel like I can better utilize this strategy of searching for curiosities…”
There is just one more session in the Guest Inspiration Series. When it’s all done we will make all the audio and video available so that the entire KAIS Community can share in the wisdom. Stay tuned!

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