Dear KAIS Community,

We hope you all had a restful, satisfying, and productive winter break. As you may have heard, Tokyo and three of our neighboring prefectures have requested that the central Japanese government declare a state of emergency in response to a severe increase in cases of COVID-19 over the winter holidays. The KAIS COVID Response Team met on Sunday evening to discuss the worsening pandemic and what measures might be taken by us as a school to keep our community safe. A government mandate or an internal decision by KAIS leadership may cause us to gravitate back toward our DLP mode of operations, and we feel it necessary to make you aware of that possibility. While no such decision has been reached as of yet, we’d like to remind community members that the digital study option remains on the table for any family that feels more comfortable going that route. We will continue to keep you informed of any changes in operation and encourage you all to stay safe and remain vigilant in what we hope are the waning months of this hiccup in human history.

Happy New Year,

Tommy House

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