Dear KAIS Parents,

Thank you, as always, for all of the support you have provided and continue to provide as we navigate the world around us. After carefully considering the recent COVID data, the Leadership Team at the KAIS High School campus has deemed it safe enough for us to return to holding in-person classes on all school days for all students. This shift will go into effect on Monday, February 22nd. Our COVID Action Team has observed and analyzed a steady decrease in cases and in the reproductive rate of the virus in Tokyo over the last three weeks. This was the largest determining factor in our decision to change operational modes. We also take into account the effects on the education and well-being of our students. We know transitioning between HDLP and having all classes in-person has been a challenge for many of the students and parents in our community, and we are hopeful that this will be the final shift of the school year. We will continue to base our decisions on the information available and the education and well-being of our students. Thank you again for your continued support, understanding, and patience.

Students are expected to attend classes in-person unless parents have communicated to us otherwise. In a previous message sent out to the community, we presented a set of guidelines that should inform any decisions about student attendance.

As it did in December when we first moved to in-person classes, this change affects the Fitness schedule. Fitness A & B groups are back in effect to ensure that we keep our Fitness classes small. Students should check with Coach Allan for specifics if they are unsure which group they are in. All of the Fitness safety protocols we used in December will be used now as well.

As a reminder, here is a list of all the materials that students will need for in-person Fitness:

-Workout clothes appropriate for the weather. We will go on runs (weather permitting) and work out in the Fitness Studio.
-An extra mask
-Water bottle
-Indoor shoes for gym time (can be the same shoes used for the science lab)
-Outdoor shoes for running time
-Body wipes

We understand that every family may not be comfortable with in-person workouts. If you would rather your child not participate in in-person Fitness, please contact Allan directly so that alternative arrangements can be made. Alternatives to in-person would likely include completing fitness homework and participating in the challenges.

We are excited to have all students returning to campus on all days from next week. Doing so puts our students in the optimal scenario for learning while providing our community with more opportunities to grow together. Again, thank you for all the support you have offered and continue to offer at home.

All the best,


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