Starting on February 22nd, we will be returning to in-person Fitness classes for all students. The protocols that we established back in December are still in effect.
As a reminder, here is a list of all the materials that students will need for in-person Fitness:

-Workout clothes appropriate for the weather. We will go on runs (weather permitting) and work out in the Fitness Studio.
-An extra mask
-Water bottle
-Indoor shoes for gym time (can be the same shoes used for the science lab)
-Outdoor shoes for running time
-Body wipes

Also, note that Fitness A & B groups are back in effect to ensure that we keep our Fitness classes small. Students should check with Coach Allan for specifics.

We understand that every family may not be comfortable with in-person workouts. If you would rather your child not participate in in-person Fitness, please contact Allan directly so that alternative arrangements can be made. Alternatives to in-person would likely include completing fitness homework and participating in the challenges.

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