Time to take a look back at the wisdom that the KAIS Community was privileged to receive from some truly awesome human beings. Each guest was invited to share not only whatever passion was in their heart, but in the process, also send a message to their teenage self. These discussions resulted in an eclectic, timeless capsule of inspiration that we want to share with the entire KAIS Family.

Watch or just listen to all the calls here…

1. The Power of the Breath | Sara Clark
2. Health Optimization & Self Mastery | George Bovell
3. Living Your Truth by Confronting Gender Expectations | Shu Matsuo Post

4. Always Live Life at 100% | Kate De Ayora

5. How Exercise and Physical Wellness Enable Academic Success | Brandon Wooding

6. Curiosity and You – Tabasa Tabuchi
7. The Power of Knowing Your Why | Natalie Howe
8. Moving with Intention | Tyrone Jones II

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