The CDC published a report late last week highlighting the efficacy of wearing a cloth mask over a medical mask to prevent the spread of COVID. Researchers found that wearing one mask — surgical or cloth — blocked around 40% of the particles coming toward the head that was breathing in. When a cloth mask was worn on top of a surgical mask, about 80% were blocked. More details about the efficacy of double masking can be found here. We have been dealing with this situation as a school for nearly a year, continuously looking for the most effective ways to safeguard our school and community from COVID-19. Over time, as new information has become available, we have gotten better at navigating the circumstances while learning how to keep ourselves and others safe. This is why we are strongly encouraging all students, teachers, and staff to double mask when sharing a classroom or indoor space with others. Let’s all work together to keep KAIS a safe learning environment!

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