Girls’ Day, or Hinamatsuri as it’s called locally, is coming up in March. We would like to celebrate the presence, work, health, and prosperity of all women in the world at KAIS! Traditionally in Japan, Girls’ Day was a way of hoping for the future happiness and health of one’s daughter, and one of the customs was to set up an elaborate doll display in one’s home. However, for many families Hinamatsuri dolls weren’t affordable, so people started making small dolls out of their Kimono scraps and hanging them at home instead. Today, we call that Tsurushibina. If you’re interested in the history of this custom, check out this article.

In the coming month, the staff at KAIS would like to invite all of the crafty parents and artsy students in our community to make an origami version of Tsurushibina to decorate our school and celebrate this custom. Interested? Your help is more than welcome! If you are a student, please join Kyoko’s origami sessions during lunchtime on Mondays, Tuesdays, and Fridays. For parents and students learning remotely, please contact Kyoko to find out how you can get involved. She will send the basic instructions and a set of supplies for Japanese origami to your home.

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