It’s happening tomorrow! Teachers, students, and parents are invited to join us as we set out on foot to explore the amazing nooks, crannies, and neighborhoods of Tokyo. Our first urban hike will span 10km and take us along the Meguro River from Oosaki all the way to Shimokitazawa. Participants who don’t want to walk that far can get off at Nakameguro (4.5km) or Ikejiriohashi (6.5km) Stations. We will meet on Saturday, March 6th at 11am at Kodomonomori Park near Oosaki Station (Yamanote Line) and Shimbamba Station (Keikyu Main Line). Participants should bring ¥1500-2000 for lunch and snacks. Wear comfortable shoes and warm enough clothes. We will be outside the whole time. You can sign up using the Activities function on Alma. If you are having trouble, email Tommy. This event is limited to 20 participants. There’s still space, but the roster is filling up! Sign up by 6pm this evening!

Stops along the way include:

** Note: if this event needs to be canceled due to extreme weather, we will notify students via Alma Activities. If it’s raining lightly, we will tough it out. Please keep the weather in mind when getting dressed tomorrow morning.

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