On March 17th let’s all take a collective breath. So much has happened, so much has changed, so much is going on, and there is so much on the horizon for our dynamic community. Just as our physical bodies need rest after exercise, our minds need care too, and it’s important to step back, / *breathe in* / process and analyze all that’s going on in our lives, / *breathe out* / then chart a course for healing, growth, and positivity going forward.

To help us navigate this process, International Mindfulness Coach, Sara Clark, will be leading us (remotely) on a 2-hour journey to understanding ourselves, our habits, our bodies, and our minds. Sara is one of the best in her field and we are thrilled to invite her again (she was part of the KAIS Guest Inspiration Series last semester) to give us this space to BREATH!

Let’s Breathe: Health & Wellness Day

Led by: Sara Clark
Wednesday, 17th March 2021
10:30am – 12:30pm
** Students MUST BE in seated by 10:15 for the latest
(Schedule change alert: there will be no 1st-period classes; shortened 2nd & 3rd-period classes)
More details on the schedule will be given during school Announcements

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