This Thursday marked the 10-year anniversary of the 9.0 magnitude earthquake that devastated northeast Japan. This photo essay from Nikkei Asia provides a somber reminder of the event itself and the efforts to rebuild the many affected communities in the aftermath. There is still much work to be done. At KAIS, we take earthquake safety very seriously. Several of us were in the classroom with our students on March 11th, 2011 at 2:46pm when the shaking began, and subsequently helped our staff and students safely evacuate the building. If you are a parent reading this, we want to direct your attention to our KAIS Earthquake Preparedness Handbook, which we post at the bottom of the KAIS News every week. It provides detailed information about what we do as a school and what you can do as a family for the safety of the children in our care in the event of an earthquake. Our main objective, if we need to evacuate the building, is to get everyone to a primary safety location, and if necessary a secondary location with medical care and other provisions (maps of these locations are provided in the handbook). Our secondary objective in the case of evacuation is to get all students to their home or the home of someone in our community safely. If there are any families in our community that live within 5km of KAIS and would like to volunteer to have their home be considered for our secondary objective, should it become necessary, please contact Misako. Upon receiving this correspondence, we will add your contact information to our handbook. Thank you.

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