As the month of October comes to a close, so does this school year’s first quarter. There will be no classes on Friday, October 29th, as teachers will report for duty to discuss student progress, record grades, and submit their grade books. We will send home Progress Reports, which are unofficial report cards the following week. These reports will have comments about student performance in each academic class. This is slightly different from how we have traditionally created these reports. Instead of focusing on general strengths and weaknesses, we want to help our students target gaps in their learning in a subject-specific way, and the comments on these reports are designed to help our students achieve this. These comments are between the school and home only, and will not be included in any transcripts that may be sent to other schools or universities. We will also hold optional parent-teacher conferences on the evening of November 16th. We will send more information about these digital conferences in the weeks to come here in the KAIS News. The grades and comments on these Progress Reports may indicate which teachers you will want to confer with.

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